Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd. has partnered with TTI Success Insights® (TTI SI) since 2018 and specializes in executive coaching and leadership development in Long Island, New York. TTI SI believes all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware. Our objective is to reveal and harness those talents into performance for the good of the individual and organizations alike.

For over 30 years, TTI SI has created and distributed a suite of leadership development assessments that have stood the test of time and therefore continue to help leaders develop talent and build winning teams. TTI SI assessments are at work in Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. They provide results for more than 100,000 companies over the years.


From its base in Long Island, Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd. serves clients around the corner and worldwide. We have been helping individuals as well as organizations to keep a balance between their life, work, and relationships. Our DISC coaching and training expertise helps our clients increase their emotional intelligence power and better understand their surroundings, i.e., being aware of their emotions, what gives them energy, what pulls them down, and how to manage their actions.

We also offer behavioral assessment training to help clients know how to deal with the people around them, their ability to face problems and challenges and interact effectively with others in different situations. The better you understand a person, the better you will behave with them.


Tim Finnegan is a Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA). This certification awarded by TTI Success Insights on behalf of Target Training International, Ltd. recognizes more than 24 hours of training, education, and practical application of the history of behavioral models, including the DISC model and behavioral knowledge based on validated, research-based instruments.

Besides being a CPBA, an executive coach, and a leadership development consultant, Tim has also received several recognitions and honorary memberships for delivering executive development coaching, DISC profile coaching, sales coaching, and emotional intelligence coaching.


Success in life, work, and relationships stems from understanding and having a sense of self, most importantly, deeply comprehending who you are, what you do, and how you do it. The research-based validated TTI Success Insights assessment we use for leadership development assessment and coaching measures Behaviors in four behavioral dimensions using the DISC theory.

DISC measures Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. It was first developed by William Moulton Marston. Our behaviors assessment and DISC profile coaching is key in helping executive coaching clients understand HOW they behave and their ability to interact effectively with others in work and life, and as a result, how they respond to the following:

  • Problems and challenges
  • Influencing others
  • Pace of environment
  • Rules and procedures


Whereas Behaviors illustrate the HOW of our actions and decision-making, motivators explain the WHY behind your actions and passions. 12 Driving Forces, based on Eduard Spranger’s Human Motivation Theory , are the windows through which an individual views the world. Therefore, these intrinsic motivations explain the key driving forces about someone’s on-the-job performance and why they act a certain way. TTI Success Insights’ leadership development assessments measuring 12 Driving Forces examine the relative prominence of six basic interests (or ways of valuing life) and include:

  • Knowledge – The DISCovery of truth
  • Utility – Money and what is useful; ROI
  • Surroundings – Form and harmony
  • Others – An inherent caring for people; helping others
  • Power – Personal power, influence, and renown
  • Methodologies – A system for living


The ability to understand one’s own and other people’s emotions in the decision-making process is critical in facilitating high levels of collaboration, productivity and achieving superior performance in the workplace. With rapidly changing conditions in the business world, individuals with high emotional intelligence (EQ) have greater mental health, exemplary job performance, and strong leadership skill. TTI Success Insights’ leadership development assessments measuring EQ examine five key areas as they pertain to intrapersonal and interpersonal relations:

  • Self-Awareness – Understanding one’s moods, emotions, and drives, as well as their effect on others
  • Self-Regulation- Ability to control or redirect disruptive impulses and moods; also to think before acting
  • Motivation – Passion to work for reasons beyond money or status; pursuit of goals with energy and persistence
  • Empathy – Ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people
  • Social Skills – Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks.

At Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd., we offer effective emotional intelligence and leadership training to help the clients better understand the scenarios and gain insight into their work habits, preferred environment, fears, unique value, etc. We will help enhance their emotional awareness to ensure improvements in self-insight and self-control.


Personal effectiveness within each key position is crucial to the ongoing success of the organization. 360 surveys allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the leadership effectiveness of another individual’s performance. The results of 360 surveys are then used to enhance and develop the individual.


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Copyright by Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright by Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd. All rights reserved.