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November 28, 2017by Tim Finnegan0

In a hectic age, Thanksgiving endures as the surviving cornerstone of the family hearth. In a nation that transforms almost every holiday into a multibillion-dollar industry, sharing on Thanksgiving outweighs buying. True, Thanksgiving provokes its own frenzy. We seem to rush to the table. Overlooked ingredients provoke a crush of deadline shopping. Film unrolls endlessly to record reunions.

As the cold weather locks in, Thanksgiving brings reflections on the past year and dreams about the next. The unofficial solstice between fall and the surge of year-end holidays, it marks the one day when the perennial feeling of togetherness and a festive meal still seems fresh.

Thanksgiving might also be a good time to reflect on what’s going well for your organization. Take a moment to recognize and appreciate the contributions that your staff, colleagues and clients are making to that success. Everyone works long hours, perhaps travel endlessly, and manage through the stress of the crisis du jour. Pause for a moment and say “thank you.” Appreciation goes a long way.

Beyond the Thanksgiving timeframe, build praise and gratitude into your daily routine. A recent report from CNBC cited that 75% of Americans agree with the statement that “if bosses want happier employees, start by saying ‘thank you.’

All of us at Aisling Executive Coaching want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thank you!

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