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July 9, 2021by Tim Finnegan0

The time of ever shortening days has come to conclusion. The day when darkness marks what is often referred to as the “shortest” day of the year is upon us. Now the days will start to get longer. The year is about to change to 2019. Every new year brings with it resolutions for a fresh start. It’s often tempting to think in terms of dramatic changes. People fantasize about quitting their jobs and heading off to run a charter boat. They are embarrassed by their junk food diet and vow to lose forty pounds. They consider what it might be like to rebuild their identities in some far off and exotic location.

Why do these new year resolutions fail? Usually these massive changes appear so daunting that one may do nothing, and remain stuck and dissatisfied. Change is a process, not an event. Rather than break from our past with a single decision, it is often more effective to make small, subtle changes that steer us in the direction of what change we want to make. Focus on modest, achievable goals that put you on your desired path.

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Copyright by Aisling Executive Coaching Ltd. All rights reserved.